What to expect when we cut your dog’s nails.

First we get the supplies together for cutting your dog’s nails.

1. A pair of Nail Clippers
2. Styptic Powder
Then we have to identify the quick of the nail is before we trim the nails.
The “Quick” is the nerve in the nail that if cut can be painful and bleed.
We grasp the foot in the palm of our hand, firmly but gently.

Hold the digit being trimmed and cut only a thin shaving off the nail at
the tip. We keep removing small slices of the nail until the nail is the
desired length.

We keep trimming until we have cut all the nails on all the feet.

We have Styptic powder ready to stop the bleeding if we accidentally cut
the nail too short and into the quick. Yes, even we will sometimes cut a
nail too close.
We then praise your dog for letting us work on them.