First we inspect the general condition of your dog’s ears and look for any drainage, earwax, dirt, or parasites.

If we see anything we will perform an ear cytology. An ear cytology is a test we do in house where we collect a sample of debris from your pets ears on a cotton tipped applicator then we transfer the sample to a microscope slide that is then heated and dyed to show different types of yeast and bacteria once viewed under the microscope. This test helps the doctor diagnose the type of infection and treat effectively.

Next we will get all the supplies needed for cleaning your dog’s ears:
North End Veterinary Clinic Ear Cleansing Solution, Gauze or Cotton balls.

As long as there’s no suspicion of a torn ear drum, we first fill the ears with the cleaning solution massage the base of the ear from the outside to loosen up any large debris. Then let the pet shake.

Then we wet a new cotton ball or gauze with ear cleaner.

Wiping the part of the ear we can easily see, the outer flap. Then we wet a new cotton ball or gauze to clean the inner ear.

After cleaning both ears we praise your dog for letting us work on them.